Proper Usage and Directions

Each product has a specific recommended use and want to highlight each use below:

CBD Gummy candy: Each package has a specific milligram amount of CBD on each piece. The back or front of the package will tell you how many milligrams is in each package and gummy. Take one gummy and place into cheek or under tongue. Slowly suck on candy until ALL sugar is dissolved and then chew the gummy for fun after 2-3 minutes. Do not just chew and swallow the gummy as the CBD needs to be absorbed into the gland in mouth to be effective.

CBD Tinctures:  Take a dropper full (1ml) of the product and then put under the tongue. Wait at least 1-2 minutes to let the CBD absorb before swallowing. Once absorbed, wait 5-10 to drink liquids to allow residual absorption on the product. Take product when needed, or several smaller amounts throughout day for most effectiveness.

CBD Vape Additive: Use a half a dropper and put into any vape tank and add your favorite eliquid to it. Puff as needed. Can be used by itself without ejuice if required.